Public procurement

Highly qualified lawyers with more than 10 years of experience in the field of public procurement are ready to offer high quality services.

Our lawyers use their professional experience and knowledge to provide consultations to suppliers and contracting authorities in various areas of public procurement. We have gained valuable experience in road infrastructure, water management, mixed municipal waste, secondary packaging, pharmaceuticals, IT, engineering systems, energy and other sectors.
While representing the interests of our clients, we have created many success stories in the Lithuanian courts and in the Court of Justice of the European Union. Through our participation, we have made a significant contribution to the development of a number of case law rules.

Leximum's team of public procurement lawyers will help you to properly prepare for public procurement:

• We will help suppliers to understand and properly evaluate the procurement documents;
• We will help to prepare tenders properly;
• We will prepare questions, requests and claims;
• We will always be ready to help in the process of executing public procurement contracts;
• We will represent suppliers in courts and other institutions, organizations in resolving disputes or other issues at any stage of public procurement;
• We will help the contracting authorities to prepare technical specifications and draft contracts according to the procurement conditions;
• We will help answer suppliers' questions and claims, prepare minutes of the commissions.