Real estate law

Attorneys-at-law with more than 20 years of experience in real estate and construction law offer the highest quality legal services.

Our lawyers have gained their professional experience and knowledge in providing consultations to clients, investors and real estate agents in the acquisition, transfer or management of real estate, design, construction or repair work. We also help to properly assess all possible risks in real estate transactions, provide representation in negotiations and disputes.
Representing clients' interests, we have created a number of success stories, helped develop high-value projects with our advice, and achieved many victories in Lithuanian courts defending clients' interests both in real estate transactions and construction contracting processes.

The LEXIMUM team of professionals will help you to safely acquire, transfer or manage real estate:

• We will professionally help you prepare for the acquisition, transfer or management of real estate;
• We will prepare or arrange for the receipt of all documents required for real estate transactions;
• We will prepare or evaluate acquisition, transfer, construction, design, FIDIC and other standardized construction contracts;
• We will prepare or evaluate real estate management or use transactions, such as rent, use, maintenance, etc.;
• We will provide representation in negotiations on concluding transactions;
• We will provide representation in state and municipal institutions regarding the implementation of real estate rights;
• We will provide all necessary advice in case of any problems.