Monika Linkauskaitė

Associate Attorney

Tel. +370 636 96363

Associate attorney Monika Linkauskaitė is a lawyer with many years of experience in providing legal services to clients of various profiles and different sectors. Monika has gained significant practical experience in developing dispute management and litigation (defence) strategies in advising and fully representing clients in out-of-court and judicial dispute resolution.
Monika specializes in contracts, resolution of family, inheritance and other civil disputes, represents natural and legal persons in negotiations, mediation proceedings and court disputes, as well as defends and represents natural and legal persons in criminal cases, administrative disputes and administrative misdemeanour cases.

Key projects and areas of activity

• Representation in disputes of foreign citizens regarding the issuance and amendment of residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania;
• Providing consultations and representation in disputes arising from loopholes in existing laws, inaction and delays by public officials in carrying out actions within their competence;
• Providing consultations and representation in other administrative disputes, administrative misdemeanour cases;
• Providing consultations and representation in disputes regarding non-performance of various contracts, award of debts;
• Providing consultations and representation in divorce, maintenance and inheritance cases;
• Representation in cases of damages caused by illegal actions of public authorities;
• Defence of suspects and accused persons (natural and legal persons) in criminal cases, pre-trial investigation institutions, prosecutor's offices, court of first instance;
• Representation of victims, civil plaintiffs, civil defendants and other participants in the proceedings before pre-trial investigation bodies, prosecutor's offices and the court of first instance;
• Providing consultations and organization of negotiations;
• Legal assistance in communication with state and municipal institutions, bailiffs, notaries;
• Preparation of procedural and other documents of legal significance.


• Law firm LEXIMUM( Association of attorneys), associate attorney, 2020 – to date.
• Law firm ADVIX Belevičius, Bukauskas, Čiupaila and Partners, accociate attorney, 2018 – 2020.
• Law firm ADVIX Belevičius, Bukauskas, Čiupaila and Partneriai, lawyer, 2017 - 2018.


• Master’s degree in Law, Facuty of Law, Vilnius University, 2018.

Language proficiency

• Lithuanian, English.