Legal aid for natural persons

Qualified legal services of top quality are offered to individuals by attorneys with over 20 years of experience.

Our lawyers have accumulated their professional experience and knowledge by advising clients on all legal issues, both in their personal lives and in relations with other persons, state or municipal institutions, notaries, bailiffs. We also assist in the creation, acquisition, management, restructuring or completion of businesses. We help assess clients' liability risks and provide them with qualified representation in both negotiations and dispute resolution in civil, administrative or criminal proceedings of all instances.
While representing the interests of our clients, we have created many success stories in negotiations, mediations, in all Lithuanian courts and international institutions - the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Court of Justice, and the European Court of Human Rights. With our experience, qualifications and competence, we have contributed to the formation of significant case law.

The LEXIMUM team of professionals in law will help you solve various legal problems and situations:

• Provide legal consultations and advice on various issues;
• By understanding your problems, we will help you to solve them in a qualified and competent way in the most effective ways and will achieve your desired goals and assess the legal risks of your actions;
• We will prepare the documents you need on various legal issues;
• We will help you to communicate qualitatively and effectively with various institutions and people;
• We will represent your interests in negotiations, mediations, various state and municipal, law enforcement agencies, courts or arbitrations, relations with bailiffs, notaries;
• We will help protect your interests, and honour and dignity.