Financial law

Our Law firm LEXIMUM (Association of attorneys) employs attorneys with more than 20 years of experience in financial law (both who have worked in financial institutions and those who represented clients in these institutions).

Our lawyers have worked and provided consultations to financial institutions in the field of credits and investment services, acted as representatives in civil and administrative disputes concerning credits and investment services. The firm's lawyers have repeatedly represented financial institutions in the supervisory authority of the financial market in executing various projects.
Our lawyers use their professional experience and knowledge when providing consultations to Clients in negotiating and concluding credit agreements, choosing forms of credit (credit, emission of securities, etc.), establishing and registering financial institutions, preparing operating documents and applying to the supervisory authority for a licence when a financial institution is preparing to provide licenced services, we prepare all the necessary legal documents. Consultations are provided on the assessment of legal investment opportunities when the investment is regulated by provisions of legal acts (e.g. investment of collective investment entities or pension funds).

The team of LEXIMUM business law professionals will help you as follows:

• when establishing a financial institution, to clarify regulatory requirements, properly assess and prepare documents and, in cases prescribed by legal acts, submit them to the supervisory authority;
• for the existing financial institutions, to assess the compliance of available internal documents and provided services with the requirements of legal acts;
• to represent clients' interests in disputes concerning financial services (credits, investment services);
• to represent clients in the financial market’s supervisory authority (the Bank of Lithuania);
• by providing consultations on the implementation of legal requirements for financing through securities emissions (shares or bonds);
• by providing consultations on the requirements for motivating employees with the employer's shares and prepare the necessary documents.