A competitive advantage of Law firm LEXIMUM (Association of attorneys) is a highly qualified group of lawyers who have gained an extensive experience in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure by their successful defence and representation of natural and legal persons in criminal cases.

They are professionals of the field of law with scientific degrees and previous work experience in international projects. Our attorneys have acquired extensive experience in criminal proceedings for a variety of criminal offences, as well as in complex, large-scale, resonant cases involving financial and corruption offences. We successfully defend the interests of our clients not only in Lithuanian law enforcement institutions and courts of all instances, but we have also won many cases against the Republic of Lithuania and other countries before the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

A team of criminal lawyers of the Law firm LEXIMUM (Association of attorneys) will provide assistance in the following areas:

• Professional and effective defence of suspects and accused persons (natural and legal persons) in criminal cases, pre-trial investigation institutions, prosecutor's offices, courts of all instances;
• Representation of victims, civil plaintiffs, civil defendants and other participants of the process in pre-trial investigation bodies, prosecutors' offices and courts;
• Representation before the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations Human Rights Committee, preparation of statements and cases;
• Representation for damages caused by a criminal offence;
• Representation in conditional release cases;
• Defence and representation in administrative cases and administrative misdemeanour cases;
• Representation in cases against the state for awarding damages caused by illegal actions of officials.