Egidija Belevičienė


Tel. +370 620 66380

Attorney Egidija Belevičienė is a specialist with extensive work experience as a prosecutor and an attorney-in-law who specializes in defending, representing natural and legal persons in criminal cases for a wide range of criminal offences, as well as in administrative misdemeanour cases, in all pre-trial investigation institutions, prosecutor's offices, courts of all instances, also in the European Court of Human Rights.

Key projects and areas of activity

• Professional and effective defence of suspects and accused persons (natural and legal persons) in criminal cases, pre-trial investigation institutions, prosecutor's offices, courts of all instances;
• Representation of victims, civil plaintiffs, civil defendants and other participants in pre-trial investigation institutions, prosecutor's offices and courts;
• Representation in the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations Human Rights Committee, preparation of statements and cases;
• Representation for damages caused by a criminal offence;
• Defence and representation in administrative cases and administrative misdemeanour cases;
• Representation in cases against the state for the award of damages caused by illegal actions of officials;
• Preparation of procedural and other documents of legal significance;
• Providing consultations and organisation of negotiations.

Most significant cases

• Experience in criminal proceedings for various types of criminal offences (criminal offences against property, the economy, the civil service, personal health, life, freedom of sexual choice, etc.);
• Experience in complex criminal cases related to financial and corruption crimes (effective protection of individuals in bank, credit union, company cases, etc.);
• Effective, rational defence and representation of individuals in criminal proceedings for other categories of criminal offences;
• Successful representation in administrative courts in cases of compensation for damage caused by illegal actions of officials - non-pecuniary damage was awarded to clients from the State of Lithuania;
• Successful representation of clients in cases of various types of administrative misdemeanour;
• Compensation agreements reached in the European Court of Human Rights;
• The represented client was granted a pardon by the decree of the President of the Republic of Lithuania;
• Experience in representing clients on conditional release from correctional facilities.


• Law firm LEXIMUM (Association of attorneys), attorney-at-law, 2020 – to date.
• Law firm ADVIX Belevičius, Bukauskas, Čiupaila and partners, attorney-at-law, 2017 – 2020.
• First Prosecution Division of the Division for the Organization of Pre-Trial Investigation of Most Serious Crimes of Vilnius Regional Prosecutor's Office, prosecutor, 2011 – 2017.
• Fifth Criminal Investigation Division of Vilnius City of the Economic Crime Investigation Division, District Prosecutor's Office, prosecutor 2003 – 2011.
• Vilnius City District Prosecutor's Office, associate prosecutor, 2001 – 2003.


• Master’s Degree in Law, Faculty of Law, Mykolas Romeris University, 2004.
• Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Faculty of Law, Mykolas Romeris University, 2002.

Language proficiency

• Lithuanian, English, Russian