Ginas Augustinaitis

Associate Attorney

Tel. +370 652 90048

Associate attorney Ginas Augustinaitis is a lawyer with more than nine years of experience specializing in litigation, competition, environmental and public procurement law. Ginas constantly represents and advises clients from various profiles and different sectors.
The lawyer has gained significant practical experience in developing dispute management and litigation strategies, providing consultations and fully representing clients in out-of-court and judicial dispute resolution. Lawyer's experience gained in representing or providing consultations to clients who operate in such sectors as: management and organization of mixed municipal and secondary (packaging) waste, real estate development and intermediation in real estate transactions, construction contracting and design, production and sale of vehicles, trade in medical and laboratory equipment (supplies), agriculture, etc.

Key projects and areas of activity

• Providing consultations and representation on the issues related to application of civil and administrative law of legal and natural persons, dispute resolution;
• Providing consultations and representation on the issues related to competition law compliance issues regarding prohibited agreements, unfair competition, merger authorization procedures;
• Providing consultations on the issues related to regulation of mixed municipal and secondary (packaging) waste management and representation in litigation arising in this field;
• Preparation of legal documents in the field of business law - various types of contracts, agreements, memoranda, conclusions, reorganization documents and other documents of legal significance;
• Providing consultations and representation of employers and employees in labour disputes;
• Providing consultations and representation in disputes arising from misleading advertising;
• Providing consultations and representation in the pre-trial stage of public procurement disputes and in litigation arising from public procurement;
• Providing consultations and representation in divorce, maintenance and inheritance cases;
• Planning of negotiation strategy and their management, organization of negotiations and representation in them.


• Law firm LEXIMUM (Association of attorneys), associate attorney, 2017 – to date.
• Office of Eduardas Zaleskis, aassociate attorney, 2013 – 2017.
• Law firm "Zabiela, Zabielaitė and Partners", associate lawyer, 2012 – 2013.


• Master’s degree in Law, Mykolas Romeris University, 2016.
• Bachelor’s degree in Law, Mykolas Romeris University, 2013.

Language proficiency

• Lithuanian, English.